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Ecryptopal is a trusted platform for trading Bitcoins. The exchange provides fast order execution, low spread, and access to high liquidity orderbook for top currency pairs on the market. Cross-platform trading is realised via website, mobile app, and several API solutions. Safety of assets and data are backed by high security standards and advanced legal compliance.

To start trading on Ecryptopal, follow the steps:

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Ecryptopal exchange charges variable commissions of 0% to 0.2%, depending on the trading pair. Special conditions are discussable for high-volume traders. Volume-based trade fees are coming soon.

Ecryptopal API

Ecryptopal provides several API solutions for automated trading based on needs of individuals and institutions. REST API is a basic tool for quick access to Ecryptopal market data and automated trade management. WebSocket API with full trading functionality is mainly used by professional traders. Finally, FIX API is the best solution for institutional traders to connect trading systems to a source of Bitcoin liquidity.

Key Advantages

  • safe cryptocurrency cold storage and financial viability
  • high liquidity orderbook and low spread
  • advanced order-matching algorithms
  • cross-platform trading via website, mobile app and API
  • easy deposits and guaranteed withdrawals
  • advanced and transparent reporting
  • professional 24/7 support team
Enursin: let it sink.. xD
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: YORISE, how
Chickie: i buy 0.000005000
Giviq: pump minex guys!!!
Gingersnap: i buy 0.000000500
Doofus: YORISE, it reached number 2 on coinmarketcrap
FmpectionKvetch: lisark, How
Sadboy: Will dice be pump again?
Bordereau: Don't sell your DLRS! Only buying! Nice price, good moment!
Xeseri: i'm sure few hrs ago i saw dlrs above 400sat what happens? lol
sasonofr delidyic: traderbot just freaks
Skymurai Bosh: Merkato, goes back in just a few minutes
Centaur: Merkato, called 500 sats then crash, we at crash stage ;)
Greed: people are still in profit with dlrs so can crash more
Giviq: fearus1, what do you think about dlrs price?
Animated: Merkato, DOGE market soon haha
ZakesSully: give a prediction ;) to show off your muscles
editen ashino: Merkato, no numbers, just a broad prediction ;)
untut pacea: my prediction after you
Commander: why the heck is the call "This is expensive now, BUY IT!" ?
Rosahefa: Is that not a stupid plan ?
Greed: DukeEuphoria, buy high, sell low ;)
Iqocaxab: Ooooh, it's _tht_ plan. Fair enough
Fihamemo: DukeEuphoria, we are the MASTERS of that strategy
Odobe: DukeEuphoria, LIZA the great whore thaught us all that ;)
Sadboy: (laugh) I still have 1.7million Egold.
Hijomih56456: look at the DLRS
Josh Bush: Profitboy, will down
Prince snake: fuck wrx is fuckin sinking.
Enursin: raed63, that's for sure :p
atheelea: Merkato, enjoy my friend :)
Gingersnap: Merkato, BTC calm down below $10k again? :)
Elf: Hi everyone! Haven't logged in since 2016, How's things?
Fl3x1e: please don't move WATER my buy order hasn't been triggered yet
Centaur: Any opportunities here, reminds me of the old crypsty troll box days?
ChefChef: placebo1977, wall at 24 sats got swallowed quick :P
Saree Bogey: placebo1977, will hit 20 sat dont worry
Dizojo: Samymaher, never
Godliness: maliro2012, lol i will sell after one hour wait you will see 22
tidel: Samymaher, thanks
Saree Bogey: DigitalDosh, it is something that they add in beer
Anime love: today dlrs reach 150sat
Kenobi: Minex!!!
Par Potter: bay DLRS go too 800 sat
Liripoop: Brain58, 80sat?
FmpectionKvetch: Brain58, using two accounts very smart with the same mistake lol
Bordereau: Brain58, soon we will count dlrs no more in sat - we just count in btc :) :) :)
Iqocaxab: dlrs dooms
Centaur: DerChefkoch,
Ixotimal: No worries one day someone will spend 0.13 BTC on MINEX when it trade at 669sat doge market but they will buy at BTC market lol
Kenobi: What is this DLRS you talk of?
Eqopy: placebo1977, 800)))
Asuna Yuki: ding dong bell, pussy in the well :D
Bordereau: so minex died?
Iqocaxab: DLRS on the way to 1DOGE price.
Ofypopet: Anyway to still activate dlrs?
Inune: Manoj1, you are smart.
Elf: Don waste time crypto
JJJ: Manoj1, ok
Cislunar: Manoj1, absolutely true bro.
Qushen orint: DLRS must be this?
Kannady: [link]
AME AME: All people slow slow trade and some profit but 1time all loss
Liripoop: https:// net/ free-dollars/
Eqopy: DigitalDosh, water is something you can't live without
Hobex: Manoj1, buy at high, sell at low, that's the crypto.
Abderian: Go to 150 sats !!!
Borbory Kelvin: Water makes WAVES
Enursin47: DigitalDosh, lately i saw placebo talking about water and he want to buy more too!
editen ashino: small profit huge loss, that's the business of crypto traders. it's fun. lol
Ronaldo: WAVES is probably a better bet lol
Crypto pirate: DigitalDosh, i think you know me, did you read my signature
Giviq: DLRS is Titanic.
Eqopy: v4.2
Mashiro Shiina: Merkato, ready template?
Elf: Merkato, +1
Enursin: It says disabled when i try to add video link
Elf: dominikherzog, when easy launch?
Anime love: dominikherzog, clipboard :)
Liripoop: Merkato, how many times :P
Aktigen: Merkato, hahaha believe in Placebo is very bad
Beata Amor: Banhammer has arrived.. heil dominik :P
Ezyqim: Merkato, Placebo is chat daemon. lol
Icagiwo: lol i thought i'm the only one who love placebo, looks everyone love him too :)
Mashiro Shiina: MoZubair, +1
Opowa: Merkato, +2
Sadboy: and other one?
Ererofou angeror: Hello
editen ashino: How are you
Bugaboo: Merkato, Perhaps Placebo is 's AI based chatbot. lol
Gingersnap: im good
Bordereau: morten, im blue
Celebrated Nature: Good site
Cislunar: Good bot
Asuna Yuki: easteregg69, someone is calling you
FmpectionKvetch: Im not happy
Icagiwo: maybe all users in chatroom here AI chatbots and I am alone human here.
ChefChef: Good job
Asuna Yuki: shivajamali, smile to the mirror
Gingersnap: Kin hardly pumping
Godliness: Thanks merkato
Qidem: yo lost 200$ in 10min
Icagiwo: My dad
Asuna Yuki: I am a bot running on MoZubair's PC designed to trade and chat. lol
Enursin: God bless us
Ofypopet: What youbthing LPT
Cislunar: Youbit
Odobe: thank you team,your more powerful strategies will boom the minex
Udemiqy: I am bot on machine running at 1 thps speed, designed to make spell mistake as well to look real human. lol
Gingersnap: Is good project that want pay us dollors
Psocy h3110 nytyk: MoZubair, placebo is just a moron that is less moron then 99.99% that is on the chat
Asinto: placebo1977, o
Inune: dominikherzog, hi
Doofus: nubbins7, you are part of the 0.01% lol
myosuret: will MINEX pick back up?
Asuna Yuki: at Placebo wtf i cant get it right hahaa wkwkwkwkw
Icagiwo: I am a bot and calculated DLRS price of tomorrow under 5DOGE and 100sats. lol
Lover eth: Corona loves me
Animated: placebo1977, how many idiot impersonating the real placebo1977 over the last 2years, i remember there wes placebo, pIacebo
Ererofou angeror: MoZubair, i think by tomorrow dlrs maybe at 200sats lets wait and see
AME AME: Minex take care
Aktigen: youdedend, yep thats is correct
Asased omyor: If you had bad situation you must use 2 cotrimoxazole every 6 hour
Celebrated Nature: nubbins7, BUT MY INVEST Status ACTIVE
Animated: If people had save his MINEX, today can be sell more expensive.
Ererofou angeror: youdedend, Ok then collect
KUKING: Guldpungen YES
Yolohugecr4ftrxD: 26/10 18:24 Payment MASK #10086800 +52527445.48722017
JJJ: Guldpungen What do you think is wrong with it?
Abderian: If you are sensitive to cotrimoxazole you must use hydrocortisone in serum
Qwner: Guldpungen are you new here?
Rosahefa: youdedend, when you can get profit
cdanskerDinghy: nubbins7, Sent to support many messages but no response from support
Xuwyj: Haw can i calculate my messages?
lundenc: MIBNEX AGAIN.
Centaur: i'm bored
Xuwyj: shivajamali, Calculate with serum
Paresis: yiha :D minex to the moon :D
AME AME: Guldpungen go trade on binance there's a place for people like you! That an ad was launched somewhere?
Xupyh: Good news
Giviq: HOW TF do i market buy on this website?
Giviq: Oh i have not hope to these guys
Beanpole: placebo1977, no I don't even have btc
AME AME: Guldpungen Where do such stupid people come from? Always stupid questions.
Psocy h3110 nytyk: klemento2024, good... BTC doesn't have a dev, no future at all
JJJ: yabadabaduu
Juice: placebo1977, I will create ETH erc20 token named placebo
Qwner: Guldpungen Don't pay attention it's a local Troll! always on the new users throws!
Centaur: GO GO DLRS !!!
Cislunar: klemento2024, No put it on the Tron network lol
Ronaldo: I want tokens have name shiva
Ahipunyc: i want placebocoinplatinu,.. its called pcp :P
alba <3: nubbins7, you want to create new token and place if in invedtbox
KUKING: Guldpungen well, what did you want? this is the beauty of decentralized exchanges. low interest rates and high earnings. and everything is fair. I think that is what the underground among cryptocurrencies.
tawdry blooded: My goal is love and god
tawdry blooded: cmon minex 2500
Pwner: Trump or biden?
JJJ: Guldpungen no. no app
KUKING: Pwner Trump!
Asinto: Vivant uncle trump
Higygali: grandfather
Zuduby: Go minex go
tawdry blooded: come on MINEX YOU CAN DO IT!
Lover eth: lol, what's wrong with minex
Ezyqim: Hold minex
untut pacea: somebody hold me!
Vipersel5377: Money is important thing
AME AME: Minex up 0.5$
Paresis: its fluctuating , one min 2.40 next min 2.18
Lover eth: hello mining Really paying and worth investing?
pinchtawdry: time to buy 3090 and vlink
Euphoric: israelb120 never..
Fihamemo: is there a way to see how much is invested in IB for DLRS?
Ererofou angeror: are u tax investor?
Rosahefa: to invest or not ?
Highbeam 444: roi is 2 months.. so.. what it says to u?
Qwner: looks like someone did paid with btc for a miner again
Bugaboo: usr7341, should I buy another miner?
alba <3: Is it worth being a miner here?
Xuwyj: israelb120, Yes
Bordereau: its pay its really ?
KUKING: if btc is real.. minex is real
atheelea: with a fee yes
Greed: morten, so where are the chicks to shake some tits?? lol
Centaur: ok to start ? its good yes ?
Opowa: dont take financial advise from random people in chat. but yes its ok to buy
Ajizy: buy all minex and minex get worth and buy is amazing
Liripoop: morten, lol ok
Par Potter: Dachshund friends! Well, let's start trading!!
Zuduby: YEA
Opowa: YEP
Beanpole: up
Beanpole: Thats an idea Yobit should open an XXX cam site and ppl need to use Yobit tokens like for exp... WATER LIMI YODA INVEST and others to tip
Rosahefa: nubbins7, lol o.O
enered: Name it YobitCams simple
Prince snake: fearus1, right it could work
Celebrated Nature: I like the Minex changes...more profit for long term buyet :D
Aktigen: Jisuri, i am not so sure about. i was more optimistic in 1st second, but now...dunno. all depends on how the new vminer holder will behav
Asased omyor: yea.. more cheap dlrs tomorrow.. :P
Asased omyor: nubbins7, it would end up showing 24/7 video's of Merkato spanking placebo in assless chaps! try to get that image out of your ming
Opowa: Minex looking crazy
Ahipunyc: frejak2000, o.O
Jumek: frejak2000, lmao wtf hahahaha wkwkwkww
Kannady: Dont sell minex lol, check sell orders
Qwner: WildPea4, 1550
JJJ: Panic sellers
alba <3: check buy orders use minex buy miner 20% off chep
Lover eth: Yobit be a pal and buy up 2 BTC of WATER :)
Inune: usr7341, #rude
Bringbac Madcap: minex plez baby your scaring me
Alucard_oldman: cw some particular procedure to take the dlrs because honestly after months of being behind it now I can not take this and
ChefChef: hi, I bought a virtual miner from Minex and what should I do to activate it please?
Udemiqy: jojamobe, wait 24 hours, its already there
lundenc: jojamobe, tik tok
Beata Amor: ok, thank you so much!
Elf: jojamobe, You don't have to do anything... it willautomatically deposit your MINEX in 24 hours
Psocy h3110 nytyk: usr7341, Nope
Celebrated Nature: jojamobe, zoom 80%
cdanskerDinghy: some particular procedure to take the dlrs because honestly after months of being behind it now I can not take this and ver
alba <3: hahaha, i see it, thank you
Doofus: dlrs down 200 satoshis
lundenc: who can i change dice to btc
Asuna Yuki: usr7341, would you do it if i pay you?
Beata Amor: fearus1, how do I do that?
enered: matthew88smith, Wkwkwkwkwk its ok i did not get any my self
Iqocaxab: what do you mean ? and a rip-off?
Hobex: Bro, how to activited dlrs. I send tweet and disabled